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Weird and WOW food overview

These small pet dogs are not the dog meat type, these pet dogs go around town standing on the step of a step through motorbike. These 3 small dogs are lucky, as not a large dog and considered good for eating, as there isn't much meat on these ones anyway.
Small pet dogs go around town on a motorbike, luckily there isn’t much meat on these ones anyway.

Some people love their pets like I do.  I know it is a bit weird to have things you eat and pets in the same section, don’t worry all will be revealed.

From my perspective there seems to be an overlapping going on between what we class a pets and what we class as food.

Pets are not only for our pleasure but they sometimes have other functions, like working, fighting or ultimately eating.  I am a vegetarian, so don’t do anything with fur, flippers, scales or feathers; but this doesn’t put me off being very fascinated by the way different cultures and nationalities see animals.

I have a cat and have never looked at it as a food source.  I also have never ever been through the harsh reality of a war and I have never ever been really hungry; plus more importantly I am not from a culture who eats cats.


Another thing is, we all look at animals in different ways which change over time !!  An example of this is that Japanese and Norwegians think it perfectly normal to eat whale meat!!  If you know anything about New Zealanders, you will know that we are seriously horrified about this, as we are whale lovers !!  Well, to be honest that is actually a relatively new concept, as our forefathers used to kill them for their blubber/oil in the 18th and 19th century.  This ended in 1964, but since 1978 it is illegal to kill a whale. Why I am telling you all of that is, I want you to realize that what others kill to eat is weird, but in reality it can be consider only different.

So, I know it can give us a good dose of culture shock when we look at what others eat, but let’s just think it is normal . . . for them !!

Muslims never eat pork.

Indians treat cows as sacred animals.

. . .  that is normal  – every culture is normal to the owner of it and weird to others – part of globalization is our responsibility to honor others !!


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