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Vietnam – Social Enterprise, NGO, NPO, Non Profit Directory


Here’s  our trial website Directory gGOOODer that is an integral part of this website in near future. We will be very happy to have your comments!!! Thanks.

Hi, we are currently developing this section as want to showcase all the Social Enterprises, NGO’s, NPO’s, Non-Profits, Organisations, Groups, Charities in Vietnam with the view of them getting found by supporters who can connect with them directly across every/any sector any religion, with the purpose is want to help everyone of them with anything they need be it:

  • volunteers for free – independent skilled or unskilled volunteers who can come within your time frames and your conditions
  • to help fund – projects, scholarships, programs (100% given to 100% received)
  • people or companies – who give goods to use, eat or sell
  •  mentors  – who want to help you with your mission
  • experts – who can help you develop your mission (technical, marketing, web, specialist, fundraising)
  • connect you with other organizations in your field who are solving the same problem in a different area or region
  •  networks – connect with people who can connect with people you need
  • buyers – to sell your goods
  • customers – to come to your store, eat at your cafe, buy crafts or souvenirs or food, or take tours
  • one platform where you can always be found, even if people don’t know your name

We want to connect liked minded people and our pledge to you is we will never take from this giving, we have a business model that ensures our platform and transactions will always be free to the Social Enterprises.

Currently we are developing this, and it is a simple directory but in the future it will become a Social Network that so you can have your own profile and you will update your info etc and it will have more social interaction.  For the time being please select the Sectors link below to see the directory.

Quite a few organisations are working across the sector. We categorized them in the most likely Sector so if any one wants us to change the relevant sector, please let us know!!

AND some information are missing such as phone number, address, etc. as we could not find them on our way of searching or unpublished for purpose. So we will very much appreciate if you can let us know such missing information!!

If any organisation or individual wishes to be removed from this website, please inform us so we will remove them immediately.

Many Thanks!!!


Directory gGOOODer


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