cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder

Overview and Model

gGOOODer current site does not reflect our vision;  this overview is designed to give you an idea of how this model works and is a true impact model as it has a huge social purpose with impact; and is sustainable at scale.

We make a declaration that we will never take from the BoP (bottom of the pyramid) and services to them will always be free.

2017 gGOOODer business flow diagram

  1. Social Network

3 profiles each offering a different function, all profiles are designed to give access for and to Social Enterprises so users can find, engage and support Social Enterprises in multiple ways across international boundaries. Very simply it can be related to a LinkedIn for the Humanitarian Industry with many more features to match and link support.

  1. Content

Both Users and gGOOODer generate content starting one country at a time. With the vision to cover every country on the planet with content that drills down in to their culture revealing not only differences that often challenge us but with similarities that connect the human race. We are wanting to create multi-sided content that reflects multiple views of each subject.

  1. Monetization

EdTech – Our data will then be re-purposed into products for Edtech products to serve GenY and new learning styles.  We plan to become the largest, most well respected content provider on the planet for Social Studies with the vision to cover content on every country on the planet.  Used by Schools, Libraries, home schooled providers who wish to ignite curiosity in their students to close the racial gap and disrupt prejudice over the generations.  We expect to be able to offer User Generated Text Books.

Socially Conscious Travel and Expat Apps bring information from Grass Roots NGO so Socially Conscious people can respectfully engage with locals, support local social enterprises on their travels.

ESL – Localized English as a Second Language products are essential for almost every location.

  1. Venture Philanthropist or Impact Investor

Add value to impact investor portfolio triple bottom line with calculated impact for people served, the planet as well as return of investment with profits.

  1. Cross Subsidization

We designed business to offer free education to developing communities at the bottom of the pyramid; education is power that gives them a voice and an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

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