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How I started – 2006


Danielle Hunt my 18 year old niece that got killed in a car crash in 2006, Reefton, New Zealand.
Danielle Hunt my 18 year old niece that got killed in a car crash in 2006, Reefton, New ZealandOn the 12 May 2006, my world turned upside down, a phone call at 7.30am I discovered overnight in New Zealand a car accident resulted in my 18 year old niece Danielle being killed.  Danielle and I were very similar and very close, so I knew that my life would never be the same, soon after I stopped being hysterical I just knew that I must follow my dreams.

For me, I had been married for 10 years to a Japanese guy following his busy work around Asia, me working for Social Enterprises, helping others, trying a few things but never actually following my passions.  I do not hold any Degree so within Asia I am deemed as unemployable due to Visa conditions.

Living in Asia for 10 years Thailand, Vietnam and Japan, I realised people were quite ignorant about Asia and put all countries into one box, that all Asian’s are all the same and knew old info, like saying about the war in Vietnam, which was 40+ years ago – we need fresh new ideas about modern people.

I decided to start a bestselling book Capital City Series that is a cousin of Lonely Planet but with pop culture, and general real life of people plus the history as it is what shapes and forms them. It must have pictures, videos and things that ignites curiosity about other culture.  The philosophy behind it is to address the stuff that we find Weird about a Culture so we can get to the WOW of a culture; and those are the similarities and what connects us as humans.

My goal is to put the kindness back into Humankind.

3 months before Danielle’s death we had moved to Hanoi, Vietnam from Bangkok, Thailand and even as a worldly traveller as I consider myself I was shocked at myself did not understand how different they were.

⇒ 2006

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