cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder


2016       Worked on gGOOODer site while on holiday from Workbridge (Jan)

2016       Purchased Mulitilinualizer software to make site multi lingual – problems  (Jan)

2016       Joined – local founder group – 3x not for me (Jan/Feb)

2016       Japanese Translation – Daisuke my husband started translating site into Japanese (Jan)

2016       Arabic Translation – Met Fahad Alqthamy from Saudi Arabia – site to be translated into Arabic (Feb)

2016    Problems Multilingualizer cannot be used on WordPress hosted site (Feb)

2016    Hostgater – kept getting cut off – gave up on multilingual site.(March)

2016    Callaghan Innovation – 2x meetings contacted again looking for support – do not match criteria (Feb + March)



2016    Stanford Social Innovation Forum – booked in for Conference May 3-5 (March)

2016    Contacted eClub of Silicon Valley Rotary Club – booked into 5170 Rotary Conference (30 April – 1 May)

2016    Study – Philanthropy University MOOCGlobal Social Entrepreneur (April – May) current

2016    Joining Hacker Dojo (5 – 13 May)

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