cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder



2012    Approached LB, a Japan Connector

2012    Applied for MC Mass Challenge, USA – did not get in.

2012    Applied for Gates Foundation – Round 9 – matched criteria but did not get in.

2012    Went to Japan and lived for 4 months and taught English – attended Tokyo StartUP event.



I came to NZ in 2012 as I felt it was a better opportunity to build relationships with investors and maybe get a grant to pursue these ideas; as in other countries obviously locals have good opportunities.  Little did I know I would face a lot of

Here are a list of the 40+ people/organisations I have pursued so far in NZ and either attended an event, had a discussion, rejected my request for assistance or contact was ignored. We came back to NZ in 2012 as thought it was easier to get funding from my own country instead of as a foreigner in another company.

2012    Creative NZ – Arts Council – no contact back

2012    CreativeHQ (NZ Incubator/Angels) – did not get idea

2012    SnapIT, Nelson – discussion

2012    Developer, Nelson – discussion

2012    MOOC Stanford University – Designing a New Learning Environment – (Oct – Dec)

2012    Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, Level 8 Coordinator – discussion

2012    Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency, Nelson – Prime Industries focus

2012    Next Group – joined innovative group in Nelson (Dec)


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