cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder


2011 – After 5 years the business idea did a major pivot and changed from a book and DVD Series to an online ecosystem, which incorporated a Content site and Social Network platform for Social Enterprises/Socially Conscious People evolved.  This is an essential combination as both are so matching

2011    Internet subscription model training with Patric Chan, Also asked if he was interested in helping develop this, he declined.

2011    I found out about Rock Your Business, sounded like a perfect to meet people, investors, help, support, other people in business – sold Daisuke’s golf clubs to get there.

2011    Rock Your Business was held in Malaysia, great network of friends but everyone was in the same boat of looking for support and funding. Spoke to numerous people:

  1. GWI an investor with lots of contacts from Hong Kong, some conversations but went nowhere.
  2. MK an investor from Australia – went nowhere.
  3. PZ and ?H– didn’t get business or me
  4. MN – Angels Den SEA, Singapore Angel Group, charged $1200 to look at business, no $$ to apply for this.

2011    Joined MAD Incubator Malaysia training, it was great, learnt Business Model Canvas and got to know what was happening in Malaysia.

2011    Through MAD I met Xminds from India.  Who was interested in developing this MVP originally for a share in company but changed their mind.

2011    Attended All Stars promo but I didn’t fit criteria, (Malaysia/USA Incubator)

2011    Attended ASEF – Asian Solidarity Economic Forum Attended 3 day course, talked to many NGO’s needing GloballyGOOD, but no source of support or funding.

2011    Met EC at ASEF – e-learning consultant at Asian Development Bank, but could not help.

2011    Met EHL – Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia, tried numerous times to get a meeting but never secured.

2011    Advertising in Singapore Investor website – nothing eventuated.

2011 Attended and pitched at Singtel StartUP Weekend – met great people + teams

  1. Met HM, founder of JFDI.Asia Pte Ltd (joyful frog incubator), pitched to him but got wrong idea and went off on wrong tangent.
  2. Met GV, an Investor, but not right met in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan

2011    Funding discussion with Cradle Fund, Malaysia (only Malaysian’s could apply).

2011    TEDxKL – inspiring stories and met interesting people, contacted:

  1. D? from XXxchange – did not reply to my emails.
  2. KJ from Tandem Fund (Social Enterprise Funding) – did not respond to my emails.
  3. AHMN and ARA from Maxis Broadband Fund
  4. Applied to Mind Valley – no reply, Met CEO at TEDx KL.

2011    Attended UK Investment Program promo organised by Plug and Play Malaysia – didn’t fit into criteria

2011    Applied to Founders Institute – Singapore, but did not get in.

2011    Attended Brewing Entrepreneurs Training.

2011    Attended Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia (SVC2M) 3 day program, application for free program, but not chosen to pitch. Excellent connections and learning met:                       1.  Christina Brodbeck ex Youtube – couldn’t think of where to get help for project

2. Jonas Kjellverg Skype – got concept, dropped off book, but not heard from him again.

3.  Konstantin Guerick – LinkedIn – discussion

4.  Steve Koskie (Dipdive with Will.I.Am (Black Eyed Peas) – discussion

2011    Met SVC2M Coordinator AD –, but could not give ideas where to start.

2011    Met Web Integration Technology owner, Cyberjaya for quote – never got one

2011    Attended TEDxMerdaca Square – meet other inspired persons.

2011- 2016 Contact with Xminds, India and Polenizer, Australia through MAD incubator but only wanted to be contractor.

2011    Attended a WebCamp event looking for a developer, but nothing eventuated.

2011    Met EK – internet marketing specialist, partnership, did not happen.

2011    Met JHR, the Business Development Manager, at Plug + Play incubator + at MDeC but did not fit into their assistance.

2011    Met ex Assistant Manager of Telecom Malaysia but was busy with own biz.

2011    Met DGV at Singtel + Silicon Valley + Tokyo StartUP events

2011    Joined WomenConnect – women’s networking for entrepreneurs group.

2011    Spoke to AW Mad Incubator, but was not interested in project.

2011    AL, a Malaysian investor, advisor started mentoring me, but became disrespectful

2011    Went to Microsoft movie launch – Ctrl+Alt+Compete, at Pedronis Towers KL.  Met some investors up there, but no outcomes.

2011    With a NZ accountant guy helped develop User Interface shots using ForeUI, not interested in helping long term.

2011    Applied for Echoing Green, did not quite match criteria but applied, did not get funding.


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