cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder


2009 Asked a friend from TV Asia to join but not interested.

2009 Asked KPMG partner in Vietnam to be mentor but declined/too busy.

2009 Asked friend NZ Marketing Guy in NZ to help with strategy to get support and started.

2009 Asked to get web quote, Vietnam/ never got done.

2008 Found business mentor SE, Vietnam/Australian to help develop a biz plan consultant. There was too much unknown.

2009 After 6 months Daisuke’s company moved us to Malaysia (Feb), found Malaysia was a refreshing change for me, speaking English and heaps of great vegetarian food. That meant I could join into training which was tricky in both Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

2009 Started going to internet training courses as knew I wanted to put this idea online.

2009 Patric Chan – subscription internet business – from which because he did not understand or believe the concept I started: we-are-expats – then I created a 70 page website and ebook, did not really create any traction and did not serve its purpose to generate money to put into my Weird and WOW idea.

2009 Attended Asian Women’s Conference – someone asked me why I was there, obviously I did not realise I am not Asian

2009 Contacted NZ incubator in Christchurch JH, but never replied.

2009 Got to meet LimKokWing, the owner developer of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.   in Malaysia, me a few times but did not have the model organised yet.


⇒ 2010

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