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2010 published 350 page 1100 photo book

With the conjunction the Social Sciences Publishing House in Hanoi, Vietnam we published a book to celebrate Hanoi’s year birthday on the 10-10-2010.

This was a very auspicious occasion and a wonderful opportunity to launch my concept for a travel guide:

weird-and-wow-1Weird and WOW

– through the eyes of a foreigner – Hanoi

Celebrating their 1,000 Year Epic Journey


It was a wonderful time to be in Hanoi as huge festivities went on for 10 days

This is of significance since it was very difficult to be granted a Publication Licence in Vietnam for a foreign book.  This took about 6 weeks and we were very pleased with this success, but the book was not launched for the actual 10-10-2010 celebrations, it was a week late.

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