cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder

2007 Weird and Wonderful PROMO

My original idea was a best selling capital city series that looks at cultures and people.

I called it Weird and Wonderful (1st name lol), then it became Weird and WOW – which basically looked at all the Weird stuff we don’t understand or like, or preconceived ideas that we hold about a culture and once we understand the background, reason for that we get to understand and accept what is behind that.

Once that becomes normal to us we get over it and then we can get to the WOW ! Which is the things that are amazing and unique plus the similarities that really connect us as one human race.

Lets get over the weird to get to the WOW !

With the help of an American film maker and Vietnamese translator we filmed and launched a Promo for the vision of Weird and WOW.

I believed it was going to attract a publisher for my BOOK + DVD BEST SELLING Capital City Series, this was to be the cousin of the Lonely Planet WHICH was designed to connect people to different cultures and make travel a more engaged experience.

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