cultural understanding + helping others makes the globe goooder


2015 Christina Minamizawa - global traveler, global resident, 20+ years in Social Enterprises and knows there are good people everywhere.
2015 Christina Minamizawa – global traveler, global resident, 20+ years in Social Enterprises and knows there are good people everywhere.

Hi + Welcome !

Thanks for popping in, I am Christina a person who loves to travel and have lived in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, UK, and Australia for over 15 years.

My and gGOOODer’s mission is to:

Disrupt prejudice at its very core with our and user generated content about people and cultures that really drill down into life that unwrap our differences so we can get to see our similarities.  Plus we want to do for Social Enterprises what Jack Ma has done for SME’s in China, start from zero and build a platform that helps the 2.8 billion people on the bottom of the Pyramid gain access to services and education that will develop their life for a better future.

This mission came about over many years and many different situation and living in Asia as I am surprised how little people know about other cultures and think that all Asian’s are the same etc, which is so far from the truth.

I know there are good people everywhere and when good people are out there it is like a big magnet.

I really believe in Socially Conscious Travel and know from my travels that there are companies who sustain-ably act and responsibly go about business, they are the companies I want to spend my dollar at.


Since I have worked at Social Enterprises (NGO – Non Government Organisations) and just love the amazing work that grass roots organisations do and for over 20 years I have been part of many different organisations in New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Japan.

I just love what they do as they transform lives everyday to millions of people around the globe, but for the grass roots one, very few people know about them and without that they can never support them.

On the flip side International NGO’s (International Non Government Organizations) such as Save the Children, Red Cross etc are huge engines that do amazing work around the planet that everyone knows, they have TV advertising – so people feel compelled to help that poor starving child or disaster torn area so the masses feel such pain that they open their purse and support the cause.  That is fine and good but our new generation (myself included) want to support a cause that is close to our heart and something we can associate with and see the direct benefit or even be able to go and contribute on site.

Because people are becoming more and more interested in helping out, companies have popped up that organize a visit, accommodation food etc for a cost.  That cost is sometimes excessive and no portion goes to the Social Enterprise, I know barriers such as language, the unknown of a country, its culture and where to stay, what to eat and the feeling of safety are what people pay for, but I believe with the right infrastructure this can be done directly with the Social Enterprise.

gGOOODer’s philosophy NEVER TAKES from a Social Enterprise and the bottom of the pyramid (the bottom poorest people of the planet that equates to 4 Billion people on less than $1,500 per year which is stated to support a decent life, for over 1 billion people – 1/6 th of humanity is on less than $1 per day).

My vision is that all the social enterprises have a home where they can be found, supported and able to carry out impacting and transforming lives of their vision.

Another part of my vision is to disrupt racial discrimination at its very core, once word gets out that there are good people everywhere and borrowed from Thai’s – ‘We are Same-Same but different’, meaning there is so many things that connect us as humans; but we are all different as come from different regions, beliefs, clothing, language and food.

Join with me and let’s change the world 😀


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