For 10 years I have had a vision to change the world and in 2011 the idea developed into an amazing opportunity for the planet. In the future gGOOODer will be mobile driven serving the Socially Conscious Travel, Humanitarian and Education technology Industries with a Social Network, Content and Education Technology platform.

The thing is, I cannot do this on my own, I need team of developers, marketers, users, mentors, advisers and funding to make this happen.

For the past 10 years I have experienced a vast amount of rejection to my ideas, and often called the C Word (yes, crazy !!), but  I have never ever stopped dreaming of a better world and the vision keeps expanding and developing when anyone in their right mind would have given up years ago.

gGOOODer keeps driving me and inspiring me to keep going and I will not stop until this idea has been tried in the market place.

The world needs this, especially when recently on the planet prejudice has been aired publicly and now some people see that as an open door and excuse to disrespect others – but no, this is not my world.

This is not good enough, we deserve more and people struggling in developing countries deserve an opportunity to develop and build a better life out of poverty.  I can see that we need to flip the way we find, connect, engage and support Social Enterprises on the front line of helping people in need we can literally move mountains.  The Humanitarian Industry needs serious upgrade to meet the needs of people including GenY.

gGOOODer has an expansive vision running over generations, for me it is simple, I can see clearly how this could be done with  substantial funding, mentoring and support to develop this.

To develop this my husband and I are committed to move to any country to develop this vision- there is so much more to this than meets the eye.

christina-minamizawa-may-2016If you want to see my business plan canvas or any other multiple documents that I have please email me:

The time is perfect now, join with me and leave a legacy of good like never seen before.

Christina Minamizawa – Brief Overview:

I am an excellent multi-skilled, responsible, diligent and hardworking professional with vast experience in different sectors and Industries including 20+ years paid and volunteer work for NGO’s in NZ and Asia backed with good commercial business experience. 14 years Expat within Asia (4 countries) and now looking to follow my passion and bring gGOOODer to life.