For anyone who hasn’t been in Asia probably isn’t familiar with this delight.

You basically sit around in the freezing cold of winter or the stinking hotness of summer with your own cooker with a big weather beaten pot of stock boiling away on your table.

You get delivered whatever you order such as plates of raw meat, fish, shrimps, uncooked greens and tofu and you get to cook it on the spot at your table.  Eat as it cooks, so the food seems to be never ending.  Cook it how you like and there is only one person to blame if it is over cooked, that is the person who holds the main chopsticks doing the cooking.  The restaurants job is to keep you stocked up with all the goodies to cook and extra stock as it gets boiled away.

If it’s not summer it you will soon feel like it and excited that you are finally getting your bones warm from those cold and dreary winters’ days.  It is served inside or outside depending on the restaurant.

Please note that you shouldn’t consider any health and safety training you ever had, especially regarding boiling cauldrons of liquid near you, just have another beer and enjoy the moment.