This is not something that the Vietnamese are accustomed to, but since the late 1990’s when Vietnam became open to the world, kissing in public has grown in popularity with the younger generation. Movies from other countries have shown these scenes which are now being imitated, and the internet is an open door to whatever one wants to search.

Nha Ngi sign - a place to go for couples who are looking for a bit of privacy.With many generations living in the family home, couples search for other locations to get intimate with their sweetheart.  Even early in the morning, but mostly when the sun goes down, we see many couples dotted around the lakes and parks snuggling up on park benches, on motorbikes or leaning against trees.

Connecting to your loved one can involve lying together on a mat checking for stray hairs, on pimple patrol or cleaning each other’s ears.

Very little privacy can be had when you are living with your parents and grandparents and catching up in public is limited.

A Nga Hghi is Vietnam’s own brand of Love Hotel . . . ..  well that is one story and another is that they are local guest houses and some are beautiful places to stay so don’t let me put you off.

Sorry I only have this battered up looking sign for a photo but most just look like a normal hotel, except you can rent rooms for the hour not the day.