As in other parts of the world, the women of Vietnam are now seen to be crashing through the cultural barriers of the past by first having their Masters or PhD and pulling in a high income, before seriously wanting a partner and family. Mixing these with the standard well-defined roles of women is confusing to the men and society; and now women are finding it is not helpful in finding the man of their dreams.

2010 - Lots of styley ladies are in Hanoi.Now these new-age thinking women at the tender age of around 30 are considered by their families to be too old to get married; they have raised their social status instead of raising their children.

Of course many married women with children are very successful working for companies, as run their own businesses, which is easier to manage with multi generation homes or supportive parents.

Traditionalists like in almost every country enjoy the knowledge that women are dependent on their husbands, leading an obedient life at home with the children. Things are changing for the educated new generation and of course many women are mixing both worlds of business and family.