Modern Lives : with a medium age is a little over 30 years

What is important to them must seem strange for the older generations who have experienced wars.  This carefree new generation are still very traditional in many ways, their future aspirations and ideals must be so different since they are not facing going to war or fighting for the independence of their country.

With that, they look like any other teenager from anywhere around the world; but under that veneer is a person with deep cultural and family values.  Internet connections have gone through the roof, but many teenagers still use an internet cafe as their source of getting on line.

In the dark ages of internet in 2010 for around VND4,000 (20 cents) upwards a student can spend a whole hour on the internet.

According to Forbes in 2016, 36% of the population in Vietnam has a smartphone, which is a much higher rate in cities.

World Bank calculates 52.7% or 49,063,762 of Vietnamese are internet users and from those 90% connect to the internet only via their mobile device.

Internet is available free everywhere and unlimited data is common offering in cafes.

Are a very important part of daily life, there are a vast type of phone available at varying prices and qualities.  Vietnamese always take things to the next level and challenge the boundaries.  It is the same when using a mobile phone while riding a motorbike.  That is kind of crazy at the best of times, but in Hanoi’s traffic is simply astonishing.

Of course some are also expert messager while riding, their bikes, don’t try this at home, and watch them while you cross the road !!