Lovely to see a grand dad holding a small child''s hand as she walks along balancing herself walking along the top of the edge of a garden.
Great patience !

Family Structure

It is still common today to have three or four generations living under one roof. The babies are looked after by the retired family members in the home. It’s lovely to see both grandparents holding, feeding and playing with these little ones, while their parents are off out working.

But with the magnetic draw of the cities, people are now often separated from not only their parents and grandparents but also perhaps their wife or husband and children.


Population Statistics – Over 95 million Vietnamese (July 2016 est.)

0-14 years: 23.84% (male 11,938,563/female 10,767,261)
15-24 years: 16.69% (male 8,240,861/female 7,658,711)
25-54 years: 45.22% (male 21,690,214/female 21,390,448)
55-64 years: 8.24% (male 3,610,716/female 4,238,569)
65 years and over: 6.01% (male 2,216,485/female 3,509,193) (2016 est.)

Median Age

Total: 30.1 years / Male 28.9 years / Female 31.2 years (2016 est.)

Life expectancy at birth
Total population: 73.4 years / Male 70.9 years / Female 76.2 years (2016 est.)


2015 Population in cities

Even though Hanoi is the capital Ho Chi Minh City still has double the population.
Ho Chi Minh City 7.298 million
HANOI 3.629 million
Can Tho 1.175 million
Haiphong 1.075 million
Da Nang 952,000
Bien Hoa 834,000 (2015)


In 2009, just before the 1,000 years celebrations the population of Hanoi is estimated at 6.9 million, with many people from the countryside moving to Hanoi chasing a life easier than working in the fields, and hoping to find better work opportunities with an increased income.

Fertility Rate

Slashed from 3.8 in 1989 to 2.33 in 1999 when the last study was conducted.
2007: Fertility rate is estimated to be 1.89
2010: Fertility rate is now estimated at 1.93
2016: Fertility rate is now estimated at 1.82