Heavily decorated Vietnamese gentlemen meet up for a function.
Heavily decorated gentlemen meet up for a function.

Vietnamese aged 70+

Now mostly aged from their early 70’s and beyond, born from 1945 on wards.

I would like to start this section about people with the group who have really strived and dedicated their lives to the freedom of Vietnam.  It humbles me to acknowledge them as some of the most resilient people of the world.

Anyone in this group from the age of early 80’s would have experienced childhood and their education to their mid twenties under French Colonial rule, then times of the American and Japanese occupation.  Through their, and Vietnam’s struggle to regain economic recovery; and the rebuilding phase as their country was left in tatters after so much conflict.

Now the Silver Society  are watching their country go through rapid development, the young people running everything, the increase of living standards; having long term peace in their country must be heartening knowing they have been a part of all of that.

I feel so honoured to meet some of these people casually who are now members of Hanoi and Vietnams’ Silver Society.

A decorated Vietnamese man is on his way to a function but still has time to say Hi !!
On his way but still has time to say Hi !!

When I lived in Hanoi for three years (2006-2009) I would always walk around the city.  While living in Truc Bac Lake area I was always humbled by how friendly people were, always willing to return a Hi or good morning or initiate one  You see my white skin and blue eyes could easily look like the aggressors who they fought against.

They certainly have put that aside so their country could move on.

The Vietnamese people should feel so proud of their past efforts and sacrifice and who they are today.

Now, their role is very much part of the family.  Life never seems to slow down as new generations come and the family home is very much always lively.  For many their day is involved in looking after the young members of the family while parents are away out working.



I love the way the Silver Society head out every morning early and start their daily exercise.  Badminton, Thai Chi, walking and cycling is common.  Then a quick cup of tea and chat with friends before they head back home to take care of the young ones as the younger generation heads out to work.


Even though they are currently a minority in society, as far as age structure indicates, but they are still highly valued people in society.  Currently people over 65 years is just over: 6% of the population.

Sadly notice that mainly as a direct result of the wars and health issues, it is estimated in 2016 that 2.2 million males are alive and over 3.5 million females over 65. A gaping 1.3 million less males than females.

Even though this is a life expectancy rate is taken from birth, the average of the whole population is 73.4 years up from 71.94 years in 2010.  Out of 224 other countries surveyed for the CIA fact book statistics Vietnam came in pretty well at No. 132, other countries are experiencing life expectancy ages ranging from 49 to 89 years.

Like with other countries, it is better to be a girl as we live slightly longer on average.

Males at 69.48 years and females at 74.69 years.