Normally we would not want to reveal too many statistics as it would date this website, but for this as we expect to build this in the future as a one stop shop for culture, community and country content, we expect funding to employ others to help our mission and keep our data up to date.

Busy roads of Hanoi
Then number of car ratio to motorbikes must be a moving target.

One of the interesting factors about researching this web site was researching statistics. On numerous occasions there have been wildly conflicting figures for the same criteria. We can only guess that it depends on how the sources have gathered their numbers as well as their own agenda as to why figures are released and why and who funds the research. Even within reliable English-language magazines, statistics can vary from one article to the next in the same publication.

This makes life tricky when researching for publication purposes, so every statistic has been carefully given, chosen from the most reliable source available. We present this information from a place of honesty and integrity, and allowing for this variation in statistics, we have done our utmost to give you, our readers, factual information.

If on occasion, this doesn’t meet your standards, please accept our sincere apologies and please give us feedback and a link to your source.

Please check and do your own research is a good policy when writing important documents  – many thanks + happy researching !