Anywhere, Everywhere and Anytime … and Why


Public sleeping !!  I love it !!  There should be more of it !!

Sadly, this is not common or acceptable practice in my Western World; we have this thing that sleeping should be done in private.


Private !!  Why ??  . . . not really sure why ?? most of us have committed the crime and have slept on a plane or a bus, but out on the street is another thing.


Cyclo Driver in Hanoi, caught sleeping on the job !!!
Cyclo Driver in Hanoi, caught sleeping on the job !!!

Many cultures understand the value of it, the most well known is the Spanish who are famous for their siesta.  Traditionally a day time sleep is more popular in warmer countries when the mid day heat is unbearable and no one in their right mind would go outside at that time.  It is often taken right after the main or largest meal of the day, which is usually at midday.


Tourists sleeps in Revolution Museum
Even a tourist has got into the act, sneaking in a quick kip at the Revolution Museum – I personally would have laid down on that nice long couch.

Along with Vietnam, other well known countries who consider this a common practice are: Bangladesh, China, Greece, India, Italy, Latin America, North Africa, Iran, Malta, Pakistan, Philippines and Taiwan.


Japanese are not on this list, but they do sleep in trains, which is not that abnormal, but while standing up !!??  Japanese got to love them !


It’s not just after lunch can you spot Vietnamese sleeping, many work through the night, like at Long Bien wholesale Market, so it is natural to sleep after a night shift.

This is nothing to be embarrassed about, it is common practice, if you feel uncomfortable about it as a visitor, it is for you to get over it; here it is normal !!

It is not like I have had to sneak around to get these photos, it’s not called public sleeping for nothing.


Vietnamese are more creative beings in the sleeping stakes and take sleeping to a new level.  Check some of these out and ask yourself if you could do it to?