Safety First

In developing countries it is always a bit of a laugh and concern when we realize how anal we are in New Zealand about Health and Safety.

A different model exists where in many developed countries provide a Accident Compensation Commission who helps and supports us with income, medical, rehab and work training in the event of us having an accident which means we cannot work.  That is an amazing system of support that many government’s provides but also takes away peoples personal responsibility so life is wrapped up in cotton wool and eliminates the creative factor.

When we see things that we consider dangerous in our eyes, we need to consider that they may look at it in a completely different light, as just getting a job done, doing the best way and the way they have always done it.

Just be more mindful when travelling as if there is a hole on the street you are expected to see it and walk around it, be responsible for your own Health and Safety.  This also includes wearing a helmet and drink driving.

All said and done, it doesn’t take away the amusement factor  . . ..