Dr Huong in her Hanoi practice (2009).
Dr Huong, was a GP, now a Natural Healer/Acupuncturist. taken in her practice in Hanoi in 2009.

I am right into natural health and within a few months of living in Hanoi luckily someone told me about Dr Tran Thi Thanh Huong.

She was originally trained as in Western Medicine changed camps when the job made too many demands on her life and there was no time for family.  Dr Huong has a private practice in Hanoi and speaks English and French.

The traditional medicine she administers includes acupuncture and all other forms of it.  For example my husband was sick and he not only had acupuncture but also had to put his feet in Vietnamese tea to reduce his body heat.

Acupuncture can help cure many ailments; if you are open to this dynamic healing it is something you should look into.



Traditional Medicine Street

In Hanoi Traditional Medicine is very common as people love to use something that does not just treat the symptom, but actually treats the real problem.    If you like the idea of someone taking your pulse, checking a couple of other things and treating with ancient wisdom and herbs you need to head down to Lan Ong Street.

Lining the streets are herbal shops where you can go and look at all the secret herbs and spices.  You can actually smell the street before you get there.  Practitioners have shop front with rosewood cabinets where the medicines are held.  Prescriptions are wrapped in paper, which you take home and boil up


Health Tonics

This man makes rice wine to sell, opens at 6am for the early morning trade and for around 20cents a shot it can be quite addictive, but most importantly it is considered a health tonic.

Snake, Starfish, Bush Gecko and Bee tonic help people who have a cold, experience cold hands and feet, feeling tired, person  looks sick, they are exhausted, and sweaty even in Winter time, difficulty in breathing, no taste and their manly parts don’t work properly.

The baby piglets are not normally used in traditional medicine, but some people believe it helps to bring milk on for a new mother.

Ginseng mostly for older people who aren’t eating or sleeping well.

A shot a day helps them regain their inner strength Inside the jars are a selection of different items that are tonics for different ailments.

HEALTH TONICS TIP – It is popular with men as it makes them strong in all parts of their bodies.




It had never occurred to me that someone might watch me getting my teeth done at the dentists.  Not sure what would make me shy about this, but in Hanoi that is not in their mindset.  Going to the dentist and the passing public can see you is common.


Head Aches

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