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Thank you for your visiting Social Enterprise Info, at the moment it is more of Directory but in the future we expect to build a robust Social Network so every Social Enterprise (NGO, NPO, Non-Profit, Charity, Foundation, Group and Organization) no matter what sector or how large or small in Vietnam can build a profile/mini website here.

MISSION : We want to help Social Enterprises like what Jack Ma has done for SME’s in China. Start from zero and build a platform for the 2.8 billion people on the bottom of the Pyramid (who earn under $2 per day), help them gain better access to services and education from Social Enterprises that will develop their life for a better future. We intrinsically link this and disrupting religious and racial discrimination together as one problem that demands one vehicle to connect and engage people from all walks of life so we can understand and support each other and put the kindness back into humankind and celebrate all the good on the globe.

Tu Vien - Vietnam - Christina with lovely group of girls on visit to their Organisation that helps disabled persons and homeless elderly.
Tu Vien – Vietnam – Christina with lovely group of girls on visit to their Organisation that helps disabled persons and homeless elderly.

We have searched and listed up some Social Enterprises in Vietnam from those we are in the process of contacting everyone requesting their introduction, mission, vision, Founder story, history, photos, videos, challenges; what help, goods, expertise, volunteers  they need so we can connect Socially Conscious folks who love their mission from all around the world to support them.

We make a declaration that this site will always be free to the user and organizations and all donations will come on $1 to $1 basis, as we have other ways to make money in the future with our unique business model.

We know some people don’t like supporting unknown local Social Enterprises as worried about corruption.  So, in the future gGOOODer and users can rate and comment on each Social Enterprise, which we hope to take that concern out of the equation so every Social Enterprise will get a chance to be supported.

A Big thanks to those helping us for all the information to date, this will only grow and become an amazing resource for people who want to support Social Enterprises, a place to share information and find volunteers, funding options and get free experts to help your mission !! 

We want this to be an amazing resource that only benefits Social Enterprises from any sector.

Of course if any organisation wishes to be removed from gGOOODer, please let me know so we will remove it immediately.  Email Christina :  – THANKS !!

Plus if you know of other Social Enterprises that have not been listed please let us know, for the time being we have organized Social Enterprises into Sectors, please let us know if this incorrect plus we fix it and any information can be changed.

Many Thanks!!!

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