Over the last few years the car population has grown in Hanoi.

Now on the streets we see all the latest models of luxury vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Mini Cooper, Mercedes and even the odd Bentley.  I can’t find statistics on car numbers but in 2005 these types of cars were rarely seen.

2010 photo - black Mercedes - a classic !! Hanoi, Vietnam
2010 photo – black Mercedes – a classic !!

Of course if people have the money they should buy whatever they desire, but these and the influx of other cars are clogging the streets and causing a few extra traffic jams.

The government implies huge taxes on these imported cars, but even with that they are still affordable for super-rich.

 There are statistics floating around, but for now the best site I have found is on a site called Facts and Details.com – I will give you a overview of the data later, but for now use that site.