Vietnamese are great followers of football on all levels and many have their own favorite International team.

The Vietnamese are a very enthusiastic and patriotic crowd, but willing to cheer the opposition on as well. It’s a great atmosphere; the whole place just comes alive.

Let me describe them ‘Clean, secure, organised, safe; and a lot of fun.”

No cans or even plastic bottles are allowed in the stadium. When buying any drinks, beer, water etc it was poured into a plastic bag with straw.

Football security is tough, tickets and bags are fully checked 3x and you can only enter the gate, that your ticket states. Drinks are available but tipped into plastic bags with a straw.

My Dinh Stadium is closely watched by many officers who are very strict about appropriate behavior, so if you want to go be on your best behavior.

Once the game finishes the stadium clear out within minutes, so follow the crowd.  The after party continues somewhere outside the stadium.

My Dinh stadium is just 10 kms from Hanoi city, built in 2003, with a seating capacity of over 40,000 spectators, it is no tiddler.  Home of the Vietnam national football team.

Ho Chi Minh’s portrait is displayed at My Dinh Stadium, so the North of Vietnam’s national hero oversees every game.