Lotus flower growing in Hanoi, Vietnam
Lotus flower growing

Well, if you had asked me on the street last week, I would have told you with all honesty that Vietnam’s national flower is the pink lotus, as is printed here and there and it appeared to be common knowledge.

Umm, I just discovered that Vietnam’s one symbolic flower is still under debate !!

As Vietnam is such a long country, the weather is diverse, so different flowers are popular in different climates and in different seasons, Vietnam celebrates 54 ethnic groups all with their own favorites; and then to add to the debate we add the festival-factor; which each festival is celebrated with different flowers.

No wonder it is not resolved !!

President Ho Chi Minh’s home town (where he was born) is called Kim Lien which means lotus; and since in 2010 Hanoi was celebrating Hanoi’s 1,000 years and since the lotus has been popular flower for 1,001 years since the Ly dynasty (1009-1225), I believe it deserves its own page, national flower or not.

So, here we celebrate just one stunning flower of Vietnam  . . .  the Lotus !